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Portable, clamp-on, ultrasonic transit time flow meter that is fully non-invasive for measuring the flow rates of most liquids with gas/solid content less than 10% of volume, and comes with built-in thickness gauge function and ability to incorporate heat quantity measurements.

1.  Built-in thickness gauging capability: Portasonic®️ is able to conduct wall thickness measurements that also includes A-scan functionality to view your measurement in order to help understand your pipe condition and improve wall thickness accuracy measurements
2. Sensor sizes: Portasonic®️ has more compact sensors measuring only 40mm (L) x 20mm (W) x 25mm (D) for tight spaced installations
3.  Non-Invasive, No installation costs and no downtime – due to the clamp on nature of the sensors with a handheld unit, the entire measurement process is done non-invasively without having to cut into the pipe and install the flowmeter which adds cost and time
4.  Portable – the unit is battery operated and can even test different sections of the pump if required (not limited to just one section like the analogue). One unit can be used to test multiple pumps etc
1.  High accuracy –it is very possible to achieve flow rate measurements accurate to 1%. Built-in signal oscilloscope for sensor positioning and diagnostics to achieve maximum accuracy with the measurement while providing visibility of the potential issues.
5.  Long term cost saving – the reasons above will contribute to long term cost saving for the customer. As the Portasonic®️ is portable and non-invasive, it is also less likely to be damaged compared to inline flowmeters as it is not in contact with the fluid and not exposed to the environment which should save the customer long term costs from having to replace the equipment as well





Handheld instrument, the world’s first capability to convert the fluid flow speed in a pipe measured by the Portasonic®️ and convert it to a reading of pressure.

1. The Portasonic®️ CALCULATOR is the first of its kind in the world. This is only handheld 7” tablet -based instrument in the world that is capable of determining the pressure required to drive fluids at a specified flow speed. The Portasonic®️ CALCULATOR is a non-invasive alternative to pressure gauges, which may require costly installation in difficult to reach places.
2. It is, therefore, the only way of quantifying the pressure in any system where the flow speed is known, but there is no apparatus installed for pressure measurement. Pressure gauges are invasive and costly to install in pre-existing systems.
3. The Portasonic®️ CALCULATOR allows for obtaining hassle-free pressure measurements.





Portable ultrasonic tank level indicator, capable of detecting liquid levels from side walls of tanks with diameter 0.5 – 15 metres and works on a wide variety of tank wall material, wall thicknesses and liquid type without any installation requirements. The Portatank®️ is also an unique instrument as it is the only handheld portable tank level indicator of its kind. As an example some Unique Selling Points of the Portatank®️ against traditional methods are:
1. One portable Portatank®️ can measure the levels on multiple tanks whereas radar gauges required are one per tank, making the Portatank a more cost-effective solution for multiple tanks
2. The Portatank®️ works from the side walls of the tank, no opening is required on the tank unlike radar level gauges
3. Some older radar devices can have issues with radar build up leading to inaccurate measurements whereas the Portatank®️ uses ultrasound which does not have the same issue
4. Constant transparent tubes, or sight glasses vary in accuracy. The Portatank®️ provides a minimum of +/- 10mm in accuracy which is far better than sight glasses
5. If volume and pressure testers have been installed, the Portatank®️ can be used as a secondary solution to verify the accuracy of these testers as the Portatank®️ is a portable solution
6. Tanks with older designs and no level systems can be tested easily with the Portatank®️ without any installation costs
We have a number of applications that our level technology has been utilised for. I include a few examples for you below:

• Transformer Oil Level in a Steel Production Facility, UK
• Apple Puree in a Food Processing Factory, Slovakia
• Ammonia in an Aerospace Component Factory, UK
• Ammonia in IBC’s at a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant, UK & Ireland
• Mayonnaise at a Food Processing Factory, UK
• Transformer Oil Level at Electric Power Transmission Distribution Facility, USA
• HVAC Refrigerant on an LNG Tanker, France
• Sausage Food Processing Factory, UK




Multiple echo ultrasonic thickness gauge for measuring thicknesses of various metals and plastics, ignores any coating up to 20mm in thickness.

P/N: 2099382-5
• MULTIPLE ECHO: Ignores paint coating layers up to 20mm in thickness, giving you the true metal only thickness
• A-SCAN FUNCTIONALITY: To observe material condition and verify correct return backwall echo
• OSCILLOSCOPE TRACE: To assist in performing a good measurement
• SUITABLE FOR ONSHORE & OFFSHORE: Meets classification society requirements for marine thickness gauging inspection equipment
• BUILT-IN MATERIAL DATABASE: 13 different materials pre-loaded into the unit, including different types of metals and plastics
• CUSTOMISABLE MATERIALS: Sound velocity input is available, allowing custom materials to be tested
• LCD BACKLIT: Display has a backlight to allow working in dark, poor visibility spaces
Main Specifications

1. Measuring range: 1.5mm – 100.0mm
2. Different frequency sensors available: 2.25 MHz, 2.5 MHz, 5 MHz, 7 MHz
3. Multiple echo technology ignores paint coating up to 20mm in thickness
4. A-scan functionality to observe material condition and verify correct return backwall echo
5. Accurate to 0.01mm
6. Available in metric and imperial units
7. Main unit operating temperature range: -10°C to +65°C
8. IP65 enclosure
9. Battery life up to 12 hours continuous use on a standard 9V PP3 battery for easy replacement
10.Works on a wide variety of metals and plastics, built-in database of 13 different materials
11. Sound velocity input allowing custom materials to be tested
12. LCD backlit to work in dark, poor visibility spaces
13.Meets classification society requirements for marine thickness gauging inspection equipment

Reasons to choose Portagauge®️ 5
1.  Multiple echo ignores paint coating up to 20mm in thickness
2. Built-in material database with 13 different materials for immediate testing on a wide range of materials, customisable through manual sound velocity input
3.  A-scan functionality and oscilloscope trace function built in to observe material condition and verify correct return backwall echo
4.  Meets classification society requirements for marine thickness gauging inspection equipment


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