Used Marine Generator MAN B&W 5L 23/30 H, Power: 750 KW, RPM: 720, Maker: Brodosplit MAN B&W / Croatia, Mfg. Year: 1995. Available in ship breaking yard.   

AIS Nauticast X-Pack DS, Made in Austria. Wheel Mark: 0735/03 Available in ready stock.   

Marine diesel generator MaK 8M 332, 1300KW, 720RPM, Mfg. Year: 1984. 3 Unit available at ship breaking yard.   

Gyro compass Yokogawa CMZ900 with PT 500 Autopilot (steering system). Mfg. Year: 2014. Available in ready stock.   

ABB Turbocharger, Type: TPS 57 001, ABB Turbosystems Ltd., Made in Japan.   

Bauer Compressor J II E, Volumenstrom m3/h : 0.100, Free air delivery Scfm : 3.5, Max Pressure: 225 Bar, RPM : 2300, Motor: 2.2 KW, Mfg. Year: 2010   

Starting air compressor Hatlapa L 90, Mfg. Year: 2012, Capacity: 93 m3/h / 54.71 c.f.m, 435 p.s.i / 30 Bar, Power: 18.5 KW, 1450 rpm. Available in ready stock.   

MYCOM F 62 WB Reciprocation Compressor, HP: 30 kg/cm2, LP: 30 kg/cm2, Ref: R 22, Mfg. Year: 2000 , Mayekawa Mfg. Co., Ltd., Made in Japan. Available in ready stock.   

Used Cylinder head for Mitsubishi 5UEC 60LS, good condition, pressure tested and without crack and weld. Made by Kobe Diesel - Mitsubishi Diesel Engine spares. available in ready stock.   

Gyro Compass Tokimec TG-8000, Master Compass Type: MS 801-1, Control Unit Tokimec TG 8000/8500, Tokimec inc, Made in Japan. Available in ready stock.