MTU Diesel Generator, Type: 8 V 396, 640KW, 1800rpm, Made in Germany.   

2x Sabroe SMC 116S, Refrigerant: R134A, Mfg. Year: 1998, Speed: 1500 rpm, Swept Volume: 905 m3/h, Working Pressure: 22 bar. Compressor with motor, oil separator & chassis.   

Shipborne Automatic Identification System, Model: JRC JHS-183 AIS, AIS Controller NCH 983 & Antenna.   

Starting Air Compressor, Sperre HL2/120, Capacity: 74 m3/h, Pressure: 30 Bar, Sperre Industri A/S., Norway.   

Used Marine Generator MAN B&W 5L 23/30 H, Power: 750 KW, RPM: 720, Maker: Brodosplit MAN B&W / Croatia, Mfg. Year: 1995. Available in ship breaking yard.   

AIS Nauticast X-Pack DS, Made in Austria. Wheel Mark: 0735/03 Available in ready stock.   

Marine diesel generator MaK 8M 332, 1300KW, 720RPM, Mfg. Year: 1984. 3 Unit available at ship breaking yard.   

Gyro compass Yokogawa CMZ900 with PT 500 Autopilot (steering system). Mfg. Year: 2014. Available in ready stock.   

ABB Turbocharger, Type: TPS 57 001, ABB Turbosystems Ltd., Made in Japan.   

Bauer Compressor J II E, Volumenstrom m3/h : 0.100, Free air delivery Scfm : 3.5, Max Pressure: 225 Bar, RPM : 2300, Motor: 2.2 KW, Mfg. Year: 2010