Maven Trading proudly presents Lind Ice Flake Machine in Bangladesh to meet the growing demand of industrial ice machine .

Lind Ice Flake Machine in Bangladesh to meet the growing demand of industrial ice machine for various industrial use like fish processing industry, laboratories, hospitals, chemistry industry etc. Lind Ice Flake Machine is developed and produced by Lind Horsens Co. Ltd. Denmark with specific focus on customers specified needs and demands. Lind ice machines fulfils the high standards of performance, hygiene, ice quality and reliability which the food industry and chemistry industry require. Lind Horsens Co. Ltd. has more than 25 years experience with ice flake machinery and staff and well trained technician secures and effective service and maintenance of the machine. Lind Flake Ice machine is a high quality product, which is subject to strict quality control during the manufacturing process. This also includes a thorough testing prior to delivery. Lind Ice Flaker comes with the CE label.

We are the sole agent for sales and service of Lind Ice Flake Machines in Bangladesh and supplying two type flake ice machine with the commitment of round the clock service & maintenance. Lind ice machine suitable for both sea and fresh water use and is furthermore designed to be installed as a split installation, where the Ice Flaker unit is placed where needed in the production hall. The compressor unit can be installed either in the machine hall or in the free. The construction enables linkages of several Ice Flakers.

With the compact design Lind ice flake machine can be mounted in the proximity of the place of use so that unnecessary transport of ice is avoided. Customer can choose either LH 961-CE model machines capacity is 1.5 > 4 ton/24 hrs or LH 991-CE model machine capacity is 5 > 12 ton/hrs which can be delivered with or without compressor according to their needs. For more information please contact with us or visit .

We also produce Ice crusher machine for block ice crushing.