Company Name: Maven Trading & Marine Services, Inc.

Nature of Business: Marine Machinery & Equipment Trader & Exporter, Ship Repair and Ship Chandler business

Year of Establishment: November 2007

Constitution of the company: Private Company.

Incorporation date: July 2009

Reg. Number: CH-9310

Place of Registration: Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Tax Identification Number (TIN): 774141996469

Business Identification Number (BIN): 001975072-0503

Area Code Number: 20101

Registered Address: Daar-E-Shahidi (5th floor),
69 Agrabad C/A, Chittagong-4100,

Warehouse/workshop : Holding No. 1,  Chittagong.

Number of Employee: 10 – 15

Bank: The Premier Bank Limited., Agrabad Branch.

The City Bank Limited., Agrabad Branch